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Shayla Ashton

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"You can't change the past, but you can learn from it."

Shayla Ashton is a sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech, and is from Warsaw, Virginia. With a GPA of 3.66, Shayla is dedicated to her studies and aspires to become a successful engineer in the future.

One of the best aspects of being a Virginia Tech engineer, according to Shayla, is the abundance of opportunities and support provided by the College of Engineering and faculty. They genuinely care about their students and readily extend a helping hand whenever needed, fostering a welcoming and encouraging learning environment.

In her personal life, Shayla has a loving family and owns three adorable pets—a 13-year-old golden lab named Princess, a 10-year-old chihuahua named Poncho, and a 7-month-old teacup yorkie named River. Alongside her academic pursuits, Shayla enjoys engaging in various hobbies such as painting, spending time with friends, going on walks, listening to music, and recently learning how to crochet.

Her favorite cartoon character is the Grinch, particularly Jim Carrey's adaptation, due to the character's cleverness, humor, and sarcasm, making the movie a delightful watch. When it comes to music, Shayla's preference lies with R&B, and her favorite film is "Grown-ups."

A significant influence in Shayla's life is her friend Ashley, who serves as a role model. As an engineer herself, Ashley has encouraged Shayla to explore different opportunities in college and embrace failure as a stepping stone for personal growth and success.

Reflecting on her dreams, Shayla reveals that she initially dreamt of becoming a doctor during her middle school years. However, now that she is at Virginia Tech, she aspires to gain enough experience to eventually establish her own business, whether it be engineering-related or otherwise.

Outside of academics, Shayla is actively involved in various activities within CEED. She is a part of the Clark Scholars program, the Women's Preview Weekend Committee, and previously participated in the Hypatia program. Additionally, Shayla volunteers her time to clean up hiking trails around campus, contributing to environmental preservation, and plans to take part in future outreach programs through CEED.

If given the opportunity to change one thing, Shayla would go back to her sophomore and junior year of high school and use the available resources more effectively to propel herself further along her college career. Despite any regrets, Shayla remains motivated and committed to her goals, and her experiences at Virginia Tech continue to shape her future aspirations.