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Victoria Valladares

Headshot of Victoria Valladares
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Victoria Valladares is from Miami, Florida and is a sophomore in General Engineering with a 3.90 GPA. Victoria thinks the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineer is the amount of resources that are provided to the students so that they may advance their careers. 

When Victoria was in middle school, she dreamt of becoming an architect, and now that she is at Virginia Tech, she dreams of obtaining her masters degree through the Accelerated Masters Program! At Virginia Tech, Victoria works with the SWE and SHPE organizations and has been able to perfect her networking skills. She has also been involved with The Big Event as part of the Operations Team by making phone calls to those in the community that need assistance. If Victoria could change one thing in the world, she would change the human disconnection that has occured because of social media, finding that it is continously increating the percentage of individuals suffering with mental health conditions.

Victoria's role model is her mother who has always been able to manage multiple jobs and still find time work a work-life balance. She admires this quality about her mom and has applied this lifestyle to her own work-life balance. Although with multiple positions on campus, Victoria always can map out a schedule and task list to make sure to stay on track of all work and meetings. Her calendar is everything and the key to her organization skills. This is the method her mom uses and Victoria continues to always learn from her.

In her spare time, Victoria enjoys photography, going to the gym, baking, and any outdoor activities! She has a shih tzu named Theo and a cat named Romeo. Bugs bunny is her favorite cartoon character because it reminders her of her childhood and that is what she grew up watching. Victoria's favorite movie is the Shawshank Redemption and genre of music is Hip Pop.