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Zackory Biggers

Zackory Biggers headshot
"Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.” - Michael Jordan

Zackory Biggers is in his first semester of his Masters Program within Mechanical Engineering, with a 3.65 GPA, from Lovettsville, Virginia. He believes that the best things about being a VT Engineer are the opportunities to learn, develop, and grow both professionally and personally. Being an engineer and having the desire to create interesting projects and devices has been a dream of his since middle school, and it has only strengthened from then. Now, Zackory dreams of working in the field of Assistive Robotics, creating interesting products that would in turn help others.

In Zackory’s freshman year, he participated in the Black Engineering Support Team (BEST) mentor group, along with helping promote the College of Engineering through telling his VT story to prospective students. He has also participated in the Big Event each year, along with multiple other fundraising and service projects through the Marching Virginians including Hokies for the Hungry, fundraising for St. Jude, and Marching for Parkinson’s. He strives to rid the world of homelessness and poverty in a sustainable manner.

Zackory’s parents are big role models in his life, leading by example and working hard to provide and care for his family while also instilling good values into him and his family members. Outside of class, Zackory enjoys listening to jazz and playing the saxophone, along with getting hands on with projects and videogames.