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STEP Student Comments

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What did you enjoy most about STEP?

"Being able to bond with people before school starts so that I can have some type of networking is really helpful. With these classes, especially Chem, I learned how I need to apply myself to succeed. Resources provided, tutoring and office hours, helped with the process. Finally, the people I surrounded myself helped me a lot through step."

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What was the most benifical part of STEP?

"I really liked how there was a lot of collaboration between students for homework and many other academic activities"

"Getting a test run which allowed me to learn what to do and what not to do in the fall term."

"Getting to work on time management skills and getting a legit course work load. Also having to open up your thinking and learning skills."

"I felt that the classes were beneficial because they’re an accurate representation of fall classes and the overall rigor of college-level courses in general."

"The time management and relationship building. I feel like I have a lot of people I can lean on when I mentally unravel."

"Office hours. It’s a realistic aspect of college which was essential for me to succeed in my classes and will be even more important in the Fall."


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Why did you choose to attend the STEP program?

"I thought it would help me understand how college may be a little before I actually start. I also wanted to meet people that I could lean on."

"In order to get a taste of the fall experience."

"To be better equipped for my freshman year and eliminate procrastination habits."

"Partly from my parents encouragement but I also felt inclined to come to have a “headstart”. Not just academically, but with knowing my way around the campus and changing some bad high school habits."

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