The cost of the program is $2,500, and the money is not refundable.

90 students may participate in the program.

Transportation to and from Roanoke Regional Airport is available through a van shuttle service or the Smart Way Bus.

lodging.pdf List of hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast inns for the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area.

You may drive yourself to Blacksburg for the program, but you are required to leave your keys with the Program Director. You are not allowed to drive it for the duration of the program because of liability issues. You will also be required to buy a parking pass.

Please keep in mind that rooms may vary, but a typical room includes:

  • Two desks
  • Two chairs
  • Two chests of drawers (or one double chest)
  • One bunk bed with two mattresses (may be debunked)
  • Overhead florescent light
  • Sink
  • Mirror and medicine cabinet with light
  • Two closets
  • Telephone
  • Coat hooks
  • Towel racks
  • Typically, about four outlets
  • Window coverings (blinds/shades)

Yes, you are required to have a laptop.

Once you are accepted into STEP, you need to purchase your computer immediately. It takes 2-3 weeks to receive it, so if you order right away, you will have it in time for the program.   Visit the College of Engineering computer requirement page.

If you have financial issues or concerns, please contact

You will have the opportunity to meet a number of people who will be involved in your academic career at VT - faculty, staff, other students, and corporate representatives. The schedule includes activities such as an etiquette dinner, 4th of July cookout, and guest speakers.

Yes.  Parents and immediate family members are approved visitors.

You may not leave your belongings in the residence hall! You will need to rent a unit in a local storage facility.

You will receive an acceptance packet via email with several forms to return.

You should register for freshmen orientation as directed. However, STEP will provide participants their own orientation session (students only). Parents are welcome to attend freshmen orientation at the original scheduled time, but students will not be allowed to accompany them.

Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity

215 Hancock Hall (0275), 490 Old Turner St., Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061
Phone: (540) 231-7411
Email CEED