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Why Participate in the Mentoring Program?

Check out what students are saying about their mentors…

  • 94% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that they were overall satisfied with their mentoring relationship.
  • 89% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that their team leader suggests specific strategies for achieving academic goals.
  • 88% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that their mentor provides support and feedback regarding their academic performance.
  • 86% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that their team leader helps them expand their network of fellow engineering students.

CEED Peer Mentoring students holding the VT flag at the Cascades

students holding VT flag at The Cascades

"[She] was an amazing mentor. She did so much to accommodate everyone in the group and always tried to get all of us together for group activities. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor."

"Great leader. Really great experience that I am glad that I participated in. [She] has inspired me to be a mentor in the future!"

"She rocked! By far the best mentor I have had thus far at Tech. She really helped me get all my school work straight."

"[He] was incredibly helpful with my transition to the Virginia Tech engineering program. He gave me tons of valuable information regarding engineering and my future here at Tech. I looked to him for advice and guidance many times over the duration of the program. (He) was a great Team Leader!"

"[She] was and still is a great mentor. She came to campus on extremely short notice with resources to help me prepare for an interview. Without her I would never had done so well. She also offered me a ride home outside of the group. I feel I can contact her anytime to this day and she would be more than happy to help."