What is a GTA?

  • Doctoral or master's level graduate students paid to work part-time assisting in undergraduate or master's level classes
  • Universities and colleges offer GTA’s to help graduate students offset educational costs
  • Payment comes in the form of a stipend and tuition assistance from the College
    • Out-of-state tuition waiver
    • All university tuition and fees paid for except comprehensive fees (~$850/semester)
    • Stipend through university (dependent on department)

What do GTA's do?

  • Grading
    • Amount dependent on whether class also has designated graders
  • Instruction
    • Dependent on department
    • Opportunities outside of department including ENGE
  • Lab Assistant
    • Administer prepared lab materials
    • ~3 labs, 2 hours each per week
  • Tutoring/Office Hours
    • ~3-4 hours per week

How do I get a GTA?

  • Ask your department's graduate coordinator about potential GTA’s
  • Based on merit & experience
  • Offered at acceptance to graduate school
  • Backfill for other support