Scieneers in Action

Bridging Disciplines, Building Careers

The goal of the Scieneering program is to bridge the disciplines of science, engineering and/or law, and expose undergraduate students to the research and career opportunities available at this cutting-edge intersection. The motivated, enthusiastic, and inquisitive Scieneers conduct at least one semester of interdisciplinary research and work towards minors in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Science (IES) or Science, Engineering and Law (SEL).

The program started with 24 courageous students and has now grown to a total of almost 200 students who have been a part of the program since its inception. Current Scieneers come from more than 24 majors and perform interdisciplinary research under the direction of one of over 100 voluntary faculty mentors in a complementary discipline.


All Scieneers participate in one or more semesters of research at the intersection of science, engineering and/or law. Research projects come from the areas of nanotechnology, drug development, biomechanics, environmental, biomedical, and intellectual property, among other cutting-edge fields.