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Green Minor FAQs

A.  It is your responsibility to use the most recent checksheet that is approved and posted.  In some cases, classes are taken in semesters before updated checksheets are available, and in these cases, substitutions can be requested.  In other cases, classes are taken well after new checksheets are available which do not include these classes and then they will not count toward the minor.

A. Yes. If a class fulfills a core curriculum area or technical elective, it will count for this category toward your major and for the minor.

A. No. The minor is specifically designed to balance Engineering and Interdisciplinary Electives.

A. Yes, as long as you discuss the project with the program director to ensure that the course content/deliverables are sufficient for the number of credits you would like to use for the minor.

A. Yes. Formally adding the minor to your DARS using the College of Engineering Add/Drop Major/Minor form will give you registration priority for the core courses for the minor. It also helps show demand for the program so that the appropriate number of course sections and resources can be planned.

A. No. MSE 2044, which is an in-major course for Materials Science, has additional green engineering content including a report which must consider environmental implications of materials. The more general MSE 2034 does not have this environmental content.

Contact the Green Engineering Program

Dr. Sean McGinnis
2090 Torgersen Hall
620 Drillfield Dr.
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Phone: (540) 231-1446