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About Green Engineering


The Green Engineering Program at Virginia Tech serves as the focal point of the College of Engineering for considering the environmental impacts of the design, manufacture, and use of engineered products, processes, and systems across all engineering disciplines. In this capacity, the program:

  • Develops courses and other educational opportunities for students and faculty to learn how engineering fundamentals can be applied to minimize environmental impacts in all engineering disciplines across life cycles
  • Facilitates the interdisciplinary collaboration of Virginia Tech engineering faculty with each other, government, industry, and other academic institutions in the research and development of innovative green engineering technologies
  • Promotes dialogue and collaboration of faculty, staff, and students with local, state, national and global citizens and communities on issues related to green engineering and sustainability


The Green Engineering Program at Virginia Tech will serve as a catalyst for the organic growth of sustainable systems engineering concepts throughout the College of Engineering and other academic units. It will be recognized both within the university and across the United States as an interdisciplinary center of excellence in the education of undergraduate and graduate engineers regarding environmental impacts of engineering practice.  Students will enroll in Virginia Tech engineering departments due to the unique reputation of this program and its graduates will be recruited by universities, corporations, and the government to solve critical engineering issues to make the world more sustainable.

Contact the Green Engineering Program

Dr. Sean McGinnis
2090 Torgersen Hall
620 Drillfield Dr.
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Phone: (540) 231-1446