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Green Engineering Minor Curriculum

Adding the Green Engineering Minor

The minor must be on your DARS in order to register for the core minor classes, ENGR 3124 and ENGR 4134. You can officially add the Green Engineering Minor to your DARS using the Declaring an Engineering Major or Minor website only during the open application dates at the end of Fall, Spring, and Summer semester

This minor requires 18 credits as detailed below:

2 Required Core Courses (6 credits):

  • Engr 3124 - Introduction to Green Engineering (3 cr. - Fall, Spring)
  • Engr 4134 - Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (3 cr. - Spring)

2 Engineering Electives (6 credits):

  • Engineering electives strengthen engineering skills in areas related to Green Engineering. They are taken within the College of Engineering and contain at least 25% content focus on the implications of engineering decisions on the environment.

2 Interdisciplinary Electives (6 credits):

  • Interdisciplinary electives are intended to broaden the student's perspective in areas outside engineering, but which provide critical context in the real world in which engineers practice. These courses are taken from departments outside the College of Engineering and contain at least 25% focus on technical, social, political, or economic implications of environmental issues.

For the core minor courses, please consider your schedule and the fact that these courses are held at specific times each semester and may conflict with other courses you'd like (or need) to take. Typically, but not always, courses are held at the same time every semester.

Also look carefully at the prerequisites for the courses you would like to take to complete the minor. The Green Engineering Program CANNOT waive prerequisites in courses outside ENGR. Please contact the faculty teaching a course directly if you do not have the prerequisites.

All courses must be taken on the letter grade (A/F) option. An overall GPA of 2.00 is required to obtain the minor.

The approved courses for the Green Engineering minor are listed in the approved checksheets at the top of this page. Courses not on this list must be petitioned for substitution through the program director and approved by the COE Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Contact the Green Engineering Program

Dr. Sean McGinnis
2090 Torgersen Hall
620 Drillfield Dr.
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Phone: (540) 231-1446