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Outstanding New Assistant Professors

Dean's Award for Excellence - Previous Recipients

The Outstanding New Assistant Professor Award is presented to recently hired tenure-track faculty who have performed exceptionally well in scholarship, research, and teaching. Recipients recieve a $500 award.

Juhong Chen, Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Yao (Yolanda) Fu, Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Dylan P. Losey, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ismini Lourentzou, Department of Computer Science
Landon Marston, Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Michael Bartlett, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Christina DiMarino, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Anuj Karpatne, Department of Computer Science
Wencai Zhang, Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering
Huiyuan Zhu, Department of Chemical Engineering

Pinar Acar, Mechanical Engineering
Oumar Rafiou Barry, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Hicks, Computer Science
Jeremy London, Engineering Education
Yuhao Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Xianming (David) Bai, Materials Science and Engineering
Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Zheng Li, Mechanical Engineering
Tanushree Mitra, Computer Science
Eli Vlaisavljevich, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Ling Li, Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Munson, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Divya Srinivasan, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Gang Wang, Computer Science
Rayne Zheng, Mechanical Engineering

Blake Johnson, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Andrew Kemper, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Walter Lee, Engineering Education
Kurt Luther, Computer Science
Hongliang Xin, Chemical Engineering

Alan Asbeck, Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Boreyko, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Harpreet Dhillon, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bhuvana Srinivasan, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Zhiting Tian, Mechanical Engineering

Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Industrial and Systems Engineering
David Knight, Engineering Education
Qiang Li, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Steve Rowson, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Walid Saad, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Denise Simmons, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Dhruv Batra, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Celine Hin, Materials Science and Engineering
Devi Parikh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nino Ripepi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scott Verbridge, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Zachary M. Easton, Biological Systems Engineering
Kwang-Jin Koh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Leigh-Anne H. Krometis, Biological Systems Engineering
Stephen M. LaConte, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Pablo A. Tarazaga, Mechanical Engineering

Matthew R. Eatherton, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chao Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bahareh Behkam, Mechanical Engineering
Holly M. Matusovich, Engineering Education
Ryan S. Senger, Biological Systems Engineering
Christopher Jules White, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Danfeng (Daphne) Yao, Computer Science

Joseph B. H. Baker, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jaime Camelio, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Alexander Leonessa, Mechanical Engineering
Kray Luxbacher, Mining and Minerals Engineering
Cornel Sultan, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Aditya Johri, Engineering Education
Michael K. Philen, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Padma Rajagopalan, Chemical Engineering
Jake Socha, Engineering Science and Mechanics
Shane David Ross, Engineering Science and Mechanics

Masoud Agah, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ali Butt, Computer Science
Rafael Davalos, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Nakhiah Goulbourne, Mechanical Engineering
Pamela M. Murray-Tuite, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Marie Paretti, Engineering Education
Mark R. Paul, Mechanical Engineering
M. Nichole Rylander, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences and Mechanical Engineering
Yong Xu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Percival Zhang, Biological Systems Engineering

Leigh S. McCue, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Maura Jenkins Borrego, Engineering Education
Patrick R. Schaumont, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alexey Onufriev, Computer Science
Dennis W. Hong, Mechanical Engineering

Scott T. Huxtable, Mechanical Engineering
Allen B. MacKenzie, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Linsey C. Marr, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Y. Thomas Hou, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jenny L. Lo, Engineering Education
T.M. Murali, Computer Science
Gary Pickrell, Materials Science and Engineering
Pavlos P. Vlachos, Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Stilwell, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peter Vikesland, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chenming (Mike) Zhang, Biological Systems Engineering

Michael Buehrer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Thurmon Lockhart, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Craig Woolsey, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Hesham Rakha, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Scott W. Case, Engineering Science and Mechanics
Stefan M. Duma, Mechanical Engineering

Pushkin Kachroo, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sean G. Corcoran, Materials Science and Engineering
Mary E. Kasarda, Mechanical Engineering
Sanjay Raman, Electrical and Computer Engineering