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Excellence in Teaching

Dean's Award for Excellence - Previous Recipients

Examples of activities that may be recognized with the Excellence in Teaching Award include: classroom teaching improvements, new course development, curricular reform, distance learning and web-based courses, guidance of student projects, or a stellar record in graduate student supervision. Recipients recieve a $1000 award.

Chris Arena, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Arthur Ball, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Benjamin D. Chambers, Department of Engineering Education
Homero Murzi, Department of Engineering Education
Kevin Shinpaugh, Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Jonathan Boreyko, Mechanical Engineering
Kimberly Ellis, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Aaron Noble, Mining and Minerals Engineering
Anne Staples, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Team of faculty from the Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

  • Aurélien Borgoltz, Research Associate Professor
  • William Devenport, Professor
  • Nanyaporn Intaratep, Research Assistant Professor
  • Matthew Kuester, Research Assistant Professor
  • Máté Szőke, Senior Research Associate

Margaret Ellis, Computer Science
Scott England, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Jake Grohs, Engineering Education
Mark Pierson, Mechanical Engineering

Pinhas Ben-Tzvi, Mechanical Engineering
William Michael Butler, Engineering Education
Kostas Triantis, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Clint Dancey, Mechanical Engineering
Dave McPherson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tom Staley, Materials Science and Engineering

Godmar Back, Computer Science
Raffaella De Vita, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Steve Southward, Mechanical Engineering

Francine Battaglia, Mechanical Engineering
Kacie Hodges, Engineering Education
Pradeep Raj, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Sunghwan Jung, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Cliff Shaffer, Computer Science
John Shewchuk, Industrial and Systems Engineering

R. Michael Buehrer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Holly M. Matusovich, Engineering Education
Brian Vick, Mechcanical Engineering

Francine Battaglia, Mechanical Engineering
Gerald H. Luttrell, Mining and Minerals Engineering
Victoria A. Mouras, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Craig Woolsey, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Stephen M. Martin, Chemical Engineering
Patrick Schaumont, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yong Woo Lee, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

John Gordon Casali, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Vinod K. Lohani, Engineering Education
Michael Philen, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

William T. Baumann, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kimberly Ellis, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Scott T. Huxtable, Mechanical Engineering

Chema de la Gara, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Leslie Pendleton, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert West, Mechanical Engineering

Amy Bell, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Randel L. Dymond, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Scott L. Hendricks, Engineering Science and Mechanics

Y.A. Liu, Chemical Engineering
George M. Filz, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Thomas E. Diller, Mechanical Engineering

Robert W. Hendricks, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michael L. Madigan, Engineering Science and Mechanics
John P. Shewchuk, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Michael P. Alley, Engineering Education
Scott F. Midkiff, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert H. Sturges, Jr., Industrial and Systems Engineering

Owen Hughes, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Thomas Martin, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tonya Smith-Jackson, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Russell Meller, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Michael Ellis, Mechanical Engineering
Eric Johnson, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Kimberly Forsten Williams, Chemical Engineering
Ahmad Safaai-Jazi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Clinton L. Dancey, Mechanical Engineering

Richard Goff, Engineering Fundamentals
Christopher D. Hall, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Hanif D. Sherali, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Konstantinos Triantis, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Scott L. Hendricks, Engineering Science and Mechanics
Raymond H. Plaut, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rich Barker, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wing Ng, Mechanical Engineering
Subhash Sarin, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Brian Woerner, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Donald Baird, Chemical Engineering
John Kobza, Industrial and Systems Engineering
G.V. Loganathan, Civil Engineering
Charles Reinholtz, Mechanical Engineering

William Devenport, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Siegfried Holzer, Civil Engineering
Ron Kander, Materials Science and Engineering
Doug Nelson, Mechanical Engineering

Bill Conger, Chemical Engineering
Glenn Kraige, Engineering Science and Mechanics
Hugh Munson, Engineering Fundamentals
Hanif Sherali, Industrial and Systems Engineering