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Horacio A. Valeiras

Horacio A. Valeiras

Chemical Engineering
Class of 1980, BS

Where is your hometown?
La Jolla, California.

How did what you learned at Virginia Tech impact your career?
My engineering degrees are the foundation of all I’ve done in my career. The discipline, structured analysis, ability to analyze new problems have all contributed to my career.

Why did you choose your profession?
At MIT, while doing graduate work in chemical engineering, I started taking business courses and saw the possibility of applying engineering concepts to financial practice. After MIT, I accepted a position at Chevron Research Company, where I became part of a team researching oil field chemicals. As part of my work, I conducted various business feasibility analyses, which further reinforced my interest in business applications. I started the M.B.A. program at UC Berkeley in the fall of 1985 and upon graduation in 1987, I joined First Boston Corporation as an equity research analyst covering European Technology companies. Once involved in the capital markets, I was hooked.

Why did you decide to come to Virginia Tech?
I transferred to Virginia Tech after my freshman year because of the reputation of its Chemical Engineering Department. At George Washington University, I was a pre-med student but soon realized that I wanted a chemical engineering degree. Virginia Tech had an excellent program with the ability to place students into top companies.

Who influenced you during your career and/or time at Virginia Tech?
It’s hard to separate the influence of any one faculty member, so I would like to really praise the entire chemical engineering faculty! I was especially honored to have been selected as one of six students to travel to the UK after my junior year and represent the school at University of Swansea and Imperial College.

What’s one of your favorite memories from Virginia Tech?
After my senior year, I spent the summer at Virginia Tech as an instructor in the Unit Ops lab. Taken by rising seniors, projects were structured for groups of three-to-four students in all the different kinds of equipment they would use in real life for distillation, separation, etc. Working with the faculty, other graduating seniors, and the students gave me invaluable experience which I have applied throughout my career.

HAV Capital LLC, Managing Partner (present); Chief Investment Officer, Allianz Global Investors (2009-2012); Chief Investment Officer, Nicholas Applegate Capital Management (2002-2009); Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Management (1996-2002); Partner, Miller, Anderson & Sherrerd (acquired by Morgan Stanley in 1996) (1992-1996); International Strategist, Credit Suisse First Boston (1989-1992); Equity Research Analyst, First Boston Corporation (1987-1989).

Board Member, Association of Governing Board of Colleges and Universities (2015-present); Member, Virginia Tech Board of Visitors (2014-present); Member, Advisory Board of Frontier Market Asset Management (2013-present); Member, Board of Directors of InHand Electronics (2012-present); Member, Board of Governors and Chair, Investment Committee of The San Diego Foundation (2011-present); Board Member and Chair of Investment Committee, The Scripps Research Institute Board of Trustees; Board President, Chair of Finance Committee, The Bishop’s School; Chairman, Board of the Virginia Tech Foundation; Board Member, San Diego Rowing Club; Chartered Financial Analyst (1989).

Class of: 1980
Year Inducted into Academy: 2017