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Academy of Engineering Excellence

Honoring alumni of the College of Engineering through induction into the Academy of Engineering Excellence

Academy of Engineering Excellence Award

The College of Engineering established the Academy of Engineering Excellence in 1999 under the leadership of dean emeritus William Stephenson and the Advisory Board of the College of Engineering.

Membership in this Academy is reserved for individuals holding an engineering degree from the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech who have made sustained and meritorious engineering and/or leadership contributions during their careers. Initiates have reached the pinnacle of their professional achievements.

Each year alumni are inducted into the Academy of Engineering Excellence. Each spring the honorees are inducted during a special dinner at Virginia Tech. With more than 79,000 living alumni of the College of Engineering, the Academy of Engineering Excellence is a pinnacle honor for alumni.

2024 Academy of Engineering Excellence Inductees

Academy of Engineering Excellence

William A. Aden
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1967
M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1972

Randall M. Albert
B.S., Mining and Minerals Engineering, 1980

Kyle T. Alfriend
B.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1962
Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, 1967

S. Kendall Anderson
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1962
M.S., Environmental Engineering, 1970

Richard M. Arnold
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1956

H. Pat Artis
B.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1972

Jeff Babione
B.S., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, 1985

Paul J. Baduini
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1972

Edward H. Baine
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1995

Kelso S. Baker
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1955

Charles E. Bakis
M.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1984
Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, 1988

Jerry H. Ballengee
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1962

Paul S. Barbery*
B.S., Mining and Minerals Engineering, 1959

Stonie Barker Jr.*
B.S., Mining and Minerals Engineering, 1951

William N. Barker
B.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1964

R. Sidney Barrett Jr.*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1962

Steven Bathiche
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1997

Courtney A. Beamon
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1995
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1996

William E. “Ping” Betts Jr.*
B.S., Architectural Engineering, 1932

Charles P. Blankenship*
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1960
M.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1962

Charles Blankenship Jr.
B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, 1988

Dushan Boroyevich
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1986

Mary Cunningham Boyce
B.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1981

John W. “Jack” Boyd
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1942

Edgar B. Boynton*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1921

John A. Brothers*
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1962
M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1966
Ph.D., Materials Science Engineering, 1968

Nicholas T. Camicia*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1938

R. Daniel Carson Jr.
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1970

Vinod Chachra
M.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1968
Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1972

Betty P. Chao
Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1983

Edmund Y. S. Chao
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1964

David A. Christian
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1976

G. John Coli*
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1941
M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1942
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1949

Joseph H. Collie
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1950

Philip R. Compton*
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1947

Thomas B. Cox
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1966
M.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1968

William A. Cox Jr.*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1934

Kevin T. Crofton
B.S., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, 1982

William S. Cross Jr.*
B.S., Industrial  Engineering, 1941

Kevin S. Crutchfield
B.S., Mining and Minerals Engineering, 1986

Raymond G. Curry Jr.*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1954

David J. D’Antoni
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1967

William J. Dally
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1980

Alok Das
Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, 1982

Kathleen de Paolo
B.S., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, 1987

John T. DeBell, Sr.
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1968

Nicholas H. Des Champs
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1962
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1967

Daniel M. Dick
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1970

Thomas G. Digges, Jr.
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1960

Thomas A. Dingus
M.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1985
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1987

Basil C. Doumas
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1954
M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1955
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1960

Grant Dove*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1951

Regina E. Dugan
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1984
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1985

Fred D. Durham*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1922

Douglas L. Dwoyer
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1964
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1967
Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, 1975

Elmer R. Easton
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1947

Anne M. Ellis
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1980

Keith L. Englander
B.S., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, 1975

W. Robert Epperly
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1956
M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1958

Gilbert L. Faison*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1947

David Finkleman
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1963

Lisa H. Finneran
B.S., Computer Science, 1985

Essex E. Finney Jr.
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1959

J. Stuart Franklin Jr.*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1950

Daniel Frederick*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1944
M.S., Applied Mechanics, 1948

Eustace Frederick*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1952

Frank L. Gaddy*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1948
M.S., Mining Engineering, 1956

Clifton C. Garvin Jr.*
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1943
M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1947

Leslie C. Gates*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1940

James K. George Jr.
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1964

Alexander F. Giacco*
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1942

Robert C. Gibson
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1961

George R. Goodson Jr.*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1949

William H. Goodwin Jr.
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1962

Charles O. Gordon Jr.
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1969

Charles O. Gordon, Sr.*
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1942

John Grado*
B.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1951

William Grossmann
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1958
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1961
Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, 1964

Jack Guynn
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1964

Robert J. Hanley
B.S., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, 1979

Charles E. Harris*
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1972
B.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1972
Ph.D., Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1983

Bennett K. Hatfield*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1979

Paul F. Holloway*
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1960

Paul Huffman Jr.
B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, 1978

Uma Jayaram
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1988
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1991

W. Robert Jebson Jr.*
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1956

Marvin L. Johnson*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1964

J.B. Jones*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1945

John R. Jones III
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1967

Mary V. "Prim" Jones
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1962

Doug B. Juanarena
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1975

Dennis M. Kamber*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1964

George E. Keller, II*
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1955

Hugh P. Kelly*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1937
M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1937

William D. Kilgore Jr.*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1957

Alfred E. Knobler*
B.S., Ceramic Engineering, 1938

Christopher C. Kraft Jr.*
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1944

John H. Kroehling*
B.S., Ceramic Engineering, 1948

Satish Kulkarni
B.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1974

Peter R. Kurzhals
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1960
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1962
Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, 1966

Greg Lavender
M.S., Computer Science, 1988
Ph.D., Computer Science, 1993

John Lemons
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1960

Alan T. Lingerfelt
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1976

David R. Lohr
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1976

Letitia A. Long
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1982

Joseph R. Loring*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1947

Ronnie Marcum*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1970

Larry R. Marshall
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1966
Ph.D., Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1974

Harold L. Martin
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1980

Ray E. Martin
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1964
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1968

Joe T. May
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1962

William C. McAllister
B.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1965

D. Fred McBagonluri
M.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, 1998

Samuel H. McGhee III*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1963

Art W. McKinney*
B.S., Architectural Engineering, 1965

Joseph Meredith Jr.
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1969
Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1997

E. George Middleton Jr.*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1950

Nicholas M. Mihalas*
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1959

James E. Miller
B.S., Computer Science, 1997

Mary G. Miller
M.S., Computer Science, 1985

Norris Mitchell
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1958

Steve Mollenkopf
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1992

John W. Montague Jr.
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1967

E. Towson Moore*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1958

Matthew J. Mulherin
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1981

Earl F. Myerholtz*
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1948

A. Ross Myers
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1972

Lucy Nowell*
M.S., Computer Science, 1993
Ph.D., Computer Science, 1997

Lynn A. Nystrom*
Honorary, Engineering News and External Services, 1979 - 2015

Charles G. O’Brien
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1956

E. Minor Pace*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1943

David E. Parekh
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1982

Jay Parikh
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1994

Donald L. Pemberton*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1966

Don M. Powers*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1959

Lisa M. Price
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1981

Haller G. Prillaman*
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1955

Charles W. Pryor Jr.
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1966
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1968
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1970

Michael J. Quillen
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1970
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1971

Helen L. Reed
M.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1980
Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, 1981

John F. Reid
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1980
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1982

Ed Reynolds
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1985

William Thomas Rice*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1934

F.D. “Red” Robertson*
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1956

W. Thomas Robertson Jr.*
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1952

A. Warner Robins*
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1949

C. Howard Robins Jr.*
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1958
Ph.D., Phsyics, 1967

B. Fielding Rolston*
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1964

Neville Rowland
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1963

Thomas D. Rust
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1965

Dan Sable
M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1985
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1991

Donald L. Sage*
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1956

Kirk H. Schulz
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1986
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1991

Samuel E. Shrader
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1963

Stuart Shumate*
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1936

Richard D. Sisson Jr.
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1969

C. William Smith*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1947
M.S., Applied Mechanics, 1950

Jay Smith III
B.S., Engineering Mechanics, 1962

Sidney C. Smith Jr.
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1963

D. Wayne Snodgrass
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1962
B.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1968

Jerry C. South Jr.
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1959
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1959

John F. Sparks
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1974
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1976
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1981

Kirk E. Spitzer
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1967

Edgar A. Starke Jr.
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1960

James N. Strawbridge
B.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1984

John F. Sweers*
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1946

Tom Taylor
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1984

Edward G. Tiedemann Jr.
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1975

Joe Timko
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1982

Robert Tolson
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1958
M.S., Physics, 1968
Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, 1990

Hyde C. Tucker
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1956

James E. Turner Jr.*
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, 1956

Horacio A. Valeiras
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1980

Ingrid Jensen Vaughan
B.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1985

Leo A. Vecellio Jr.
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1968

Joseph H. Vipperman*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1962

L. Preston Wade*
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1955

Lori Wagner
B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1982
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1987

Bevlee A. Watford
B.S., Mining Engineering, 1981
M.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1983
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1985

Hobart A. Weaver*
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1950

William B. Webber*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1934

William K. Wells
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1966

John A. White Jr.
M.S., Industrial Engineering, 1966

Preston Mason White
B.S., Building Construction, 1963

W.S. “Pete” White Jr.*
B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1947

Only Virginia Tech Engineering degrees are listed.