Javid, Tiffany

Tiffany Javid is a junior in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech. She graduated from Westfield High School in Northern Virginia in 2014, and plans to graduate with her B.S. in Civil Engineering in spring 2018.

Throughout her early years in preschool and progressing into elementary school, Tiffany developed an affinity for producing artwork. This passion carried into her later years of high school where she was able to pursue her talents by completing a studio course in which she created a collection of acrylic pieces that were displayed in the annual art show. Meanwhile, she began to recognize her knack for mathematics and physics while completing her high school diploma. Combining both her creative and technical abilities, she decided to pursue a degree in engineering.

During her senior year of high school, she took on two part-time jobs. The first as a cook at a pizza joint and the second as an AutoCAD Technician at AMT Engineering; the latter of the jobs steering her towards the degree she currently works to complete.

After her freshman year of college, she returned to her part-time job to work as an intern editing basic technical drawings for two consecutive summers. She looks forward to moving to Seattle this summer to work as a Structures Engineer at The Boeing Company.

When she is not studying, she dedicates her time to her position as President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. She enjoys leading this organization because it motivates students who find themselves as a minority to reach their otherwise remarkable potentials. She hopes to graduate with a focus in structural engineering and inspire her fellow peers in the organization to work hard to overcome any obstacles that they currently struggle with.