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Daniela Correa

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"To be soft is to be powerful" - Rupi Kaur

Daniela Correa is from Ashburn, Virginia, and is a Junior in Industrial & Systems Engineering with a GPA of 3.46. She says the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineer is the closeness you feel when surrounded by your engineering classmates, everyone makes you feel welcomed, and that you truly belong among such great and intelligent people.  When she was in middle school, Daniela dreamt of working in an engineering field in which she can directly work with satellites; potentially working with NASA or Orbital. Now that she is at Virginia Tech, she dreams of working in the field of consulting to guide companies towards the right decision which will not only benefit them but the people who they directly impact. As a social person, her main goal is to be able to work with people and help make a difference in others' lives. Daniela says that if she could change one thing, it would be how people care for one another, "some of us forget how strong kindness can be and how much it can mean to someone else; if people cared about each other the same way we care about ourselves, our world could be a better place for everyone."

Daniela stays involved by participating in engineering events/clubs, guiding friends and peers when needed for our classes, and staying connected with what it truly means to be an engineer at Virginia Tech. To her, this means that not only will she strive to be the best engineer that she can be but to also lend a helping hand to any of her engineering peers. In her free time, Daniela likes hanging out with friends, drawing, playing tennis, and baking.

Daniela says her role model is her father. She expresses how he has taught her what it means to be a great engineer, and that being able to work in a team is an essential life skill. He has always pushed her to do her best, and she’s very grateful for that. Daniela has a younger brother named Gabe and also has a Yorkie named Max. She also mentioned that her favorite cartoon character is  Spongebob since he's carefree and has so much love for the people in his life. She also shared that she listens to reggaetón, hip hop, and alternative music.