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International Research Experience for Students (IRES) Activities

1.  Pre-Departure Preparation at Virginia Tech,  May 21 - June 8, 2018

All International Research Experience for Students (IRES) participants will be required to participate in pre-departure preparation for their international research experience. This includes:

  • Three pre-departure workshops at Virginia Tech during the Spring 2018 semester. These workshops will focus on preparing participants for living and working in a different cultural environment and drafting their research plans.
  • A three-week Research Planning Seminar to be held  May 21 - June 8, 2018 (tentative dates) at Virginia Tech. During the seminar, students will develop a problem statement and scope for their anticipated  research; identify relevant literature; plan research goals and deliverables; and develop a project timeline that includes methodology, testing, and analysis. At the end of three weeks, the students will submit and present a research proposal to both Virginia Tech and UoN research faculty.

2.  Activities in the United Kingdom,  June 18 – Aug. 3, 2018 

  • On-site Opening Activities:  An orientation and welcome session will be held at the University of Nottingham upon arrival.  
  • Research Activities:  Students will spend seven weeks at Univeristy of Nottingham engaged in concentrated research with the PEMC, HGRG, or University Technology Center in Manufacturing Technology (UTC). Students will work collaboratively as part of a large team including faculty, Ph.D. students, and postdoctoral research fellows who will act as mentors. 
  • Cultural activities: Students have the option to participate in excursions to such places as the Whitby Seaside, Cambridge and Manchester, which will allow students to see cultural sites and learn about United Kingdom history and culture.

3.  Program Wrap-Up at Virginia Tech

Upon returning to the Virginia Tech campus, each student will be required to present their work at a student research symposium.  Undergraduate students will select from a list of opportunities organized under the Virginia Tech Office of Undergraduate Research. Graduate students will be required to participate either in the on-campus GSA Research Symposium or professional conference of their choosing.