The College of Engineering offers 16 doctoral and 19 master's degree programs in 18 areas of study.  Undergraduate students can also begin to earn graduate credit with the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program. 


Engineering Programs Degrees
MS MEng Ph.D.
Aerospace Engineering
Contact: Kelsey Wall
Biological Systems Engineering
Contact: Liza Spradlin
Biomedical Engineering
Contact: Amanda Covey
Chemical Engineering
Contact: Diane Cannaday
Civil Engineering
Contact: Sarah Martin
Computer Engineering
Contact: Laura Villada
Disaster Resilience and Risk Management
Contact: Aaron Akers
Electrical Engineering
Contact: Laura Villada
Engineering Education
Contact: Mara Knott
Engineering Mechanics
Contact: Jessica Grimes
Environmental Engineering
Contact: Sarah Martin
Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Contact: Sarah Martin
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Contact: Hannah Parks

Materials Science & Engineering
Contact: Kim Grandstaff
Mechanical Engineering
Contact: Cathy Hill
Mining and Minerals Engineering
Contact: Shelley Seckers
Nuclear Engineering
Contact: Cathy Hill

Ocean Engineering
Contact: Kelsey Wall