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Strategic Priorities

The College of Engineering strategic plan centers around three strategic priorities: strengthen our community, build the infrastructure and resources to support our vision, and align education and research for impact in a rapidly changing world. 

Associated with each of these three priorities are a variety of goals we use to guide implementation activities and evaluation processes. 

Strategic Plan Diagram showing that "Community" is nested inside of "Infrastructure" which is inside of "Impact".

Strategic Priority 1: Strengthen Our Community


  • Recruit top talent from a diverse population to lead tomorrow’s workforce
  • Develop and retain talent
  • Foster an inclusive culture that supports a healthy work-life balance
  • Deepen relationships with our alumni

Strategic Priority 2: Build the Infrastructure and Resources to Support Our Vision


  • Expand and improve access to space and facilities
  • Grow and diversify revenue streams
  • Increase organizational agility and use of data in decision-making

Strategic Priority 3: Align Education and Research for Impact in a Rapidly Changing World


  • Offer world-class, affordable educational experience at scale
  • Accelerate transdisciplinary activity
  • Build Greater Washington D.C. Area strategy and capacity
  • Expand the College of Engineering reputation nationally and internationally