Having trouble seeing Video?

An error is most likely to occur in Internet Explorer Browser.*


  • Your best solution is to try a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • You may attempt to use Internet Explorer's compatibility mode:
    1. Type or copy into your browser URL bar.
    2. At the bottom you should see 'This webpage wants to install the following add-on (etc..) 
    3. Choose 'Allow' or 'Install' or 'Yes'
    4. When Windows asks if you want to allow this to make changes on your computer choose 'Yes'
    5. If the computer allows you to install the plug-in, your browser should reload the page.
    6. Unfortunately if this still fails the best answer we can provide is to try a different browser.

* There seems to be an incompatibility between the camera software and Internet Explorer. Since the camera is fixed externally to a campus building, we are unable to replace it with a different model at this time.