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Commencement 2020

Commencement 2020

Watch a recording of the university's commencement, an address by Dean Ross to the College of Engineering, and a reading of names of graduates by department.

Commencement tassel

Congratulations, College of Engineering graduates!

We are thrilled to celebrate our Virginia Tech Engineering graduates for earning your undergraduate and graduate degrees as members of the Class of 2020. As you transition from this chapter to the next, know that this moment is the culmination of your dedication, hard work, and resilience over the years. Celebrate your unique journey and how it's led you to this achievement. We join your family, friends, and mentors to say: Congrats, Hokie Grads!

Department Outstanding Seniors

Charlotte Clark, Materials Science and Engineering
Maggie Dodson, Construction Engineering and Management
Justin Dubik, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Sarah Hack, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kate Johnson, Biological Systems Engineering
Charlie Lertlumprasert, Mechanical Engineering
Emma Meno, Computer Science
Alex Norris, Mining and Minerals Engineering
James Owens, Chemical Engineering and College of Engineering
Alka Panda, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Lucy Travers, Civil Engineering
Gregory Vojtek, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduating First in Class with a 4.0

Julia Cadman, Civil Engineering
Ryan Gottwald, Mechanical Engineering
Neal Mangaokar, Computer Science
Emma Meno, Computer Science
James Owens, Chemical Engineering

Outstanding Graduate Students

Nayara de Oliveira Faria, ISE Outstanding M.S. Student and COE Outstanding Master's Student
Weiwei Shi, BEAM Ph.D. Student of the Year
Charles Aquilina, BSE Outstanding M.S. Student
Lauren Wind, BSE Outstanding Ph.D. Student
Miles Frantz, CS M.S. Student of the Year
John Wenskovitch, CS Ph.D. Student of the Year
Aditya Pratapa, CS Ph.D. Student of the Year
Ashley Taylor, ENGE Outstanding Ph.D. Student
Alexandria Noble, ISE Outstanding Ph.D. Student
Nestor Santa, MINE Outstanding M.S. Graduate
Ming Fan, MINE Outstanding Ph.D. Student
Agastya Balantrapu, AOE Graduate Student of the Year

Watch well-wishes from engineering department leadership


Cal Ribbens
Department Head, Computer Science

Eileen Van Aken
Department Head, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Jennifer Case
Department Head, Engineering Education

Eric Paterson
Department Head, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

David Cox
Department Head, Chemical Engineering

David Clark
Department Head, Materials Science Engineering

Jennifer Wayne
Department Head, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Erik Westman
Department Head (outgoing), Mining and Minerals Engineering

Kray Luxbacher
Department Head (incoming), Mining and Minerals Engineering

Azim Eskandarian
Department Head, Mechanical Engineering

Brian Kleiner
Director, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Dwayne Edwards
Department Head, Biological Systems Engineering

Luke Lester
Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mark Widdowson
Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hear words of congratulations and advice from faculty and staff

Faculty and staff, would you like to send your well-wishes and advice to grads? Submit your video here.

Craig Woosley
Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Vincent Wang
Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Pablo Tarazaga
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Gary Seidel
Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Tess Thompson
Biological Systems Engineering

Gary Whiting
Chemical Engineering

Robin Queen
Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Eric Komendera
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
Professor, Computer Science

Micheal Madigan
Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Clint Dancey
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Ali Butt
Professor, Computer Science

From One Hokie Engineer to Another: Alumni congratulate our 2020 grads

Alumni, would you like to send your well-wishes and advice to grads? Submit your video here.

Scott French
Alumnus, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Jill Marlowe
Alumna, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Vasanth Ganesan
Alumnus, Electrical Engineering

Andrew Merewitz
Alumnus, Computer Engineering

Maria Bothwell
Alumna, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ed Chamberlayne
Alumnus, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Matthew Critz
Alumnus, Mining and Minerals Engineering

Kevin Whipkey
Alumnus, Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sam Wozniak
Alumnus, Mining and Minerals Engineering

Bryan Smith
Alumnus, Mining and Minerals Engineering

Jaime Smith
Alumnus, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Brooks Borcherding
Alumnus, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ponch Frank
Alumnus, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Robert Hanley
Alumnus, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Kurt Holderied
Alumnus, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Nelson Chu
Alumnus, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wayne Barlow
Alumnus, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mark Luxbacher
Alumnus, Mining and Minerals Engineering

Jim Miller
Alumnus, Computer Science

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