Fall 2018


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    A drone hovers in the air above tall corn stalks.
    The future of farming , article

    Spurred by a graying workforce, Virginia Tech researchers are laying the groundwork for an accessible future of agriculture.

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    An elderly Cicero IL resident sits on the couch his colorful living room.
    Tapping the ripple effect , article

    Virginia Tech engineers lead an EPA-funded effort that taps a growing crowd of consumers who want to learn how to better protect themselves from lead.

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    Jonathan Boreyko and Brook Kennedy with the fog harp
    Out of the lab, into the field , article

    While traditional fog harvesters use mesh netting to catch these droplets, the fog harp opts for a vertical array of wires instead, a design change that increases their collection capacity for clean water by threefold.

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    Architectural drawing of the new exterior of Holden Hall.
    What's next for Holden Hall , article

    With a green building certification of LEED silver, the renovated and expanded Holden Hall will allow two departments to recruit the best faculty and students and further build upon their rich shared history through the processes of extraction to purification.


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    Paige Kassalen posing in a hanger in front of the Google Solar Impulse plane.
    Full speed ahead , article

    From planes to cars, there’s no stopping 25 year-old alumna Paige Kassalen, who made history with the world’s first solar-powered flight.

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    Two men pose in front of solar panels in a field.
    The transformers , article

    Within a week of becoming friends, alumni Rob Wallace and Walter Barnes were making plans on future entrepreneurial ventures. Fifteen years later, they’re realizing the vision with a unique project in the clean energy sector.

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    Gift creates a pathway for first generation engineering students , article

    Thanks to the May Family Foundation, more doors have been opened for Virginia high school students to attend Virginia Tech.