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    Zymmorrah Myers
    She persevered—right down to her Corps , article

    Zymmorrah Myers ’23 is no stranger to pushing through challenges. Her time at Virginia Tech has taught her that in the face of adversity, community means everything. From the Corps of Cadets to computer engineering, her journey, now as a graduate student, is just beginning.

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    Eugenia Rho
    AI—The good, the bad, and the scary , article

    There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence has changed our lives. However, some might argue if it’s for the better.


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    The baja car on the practice track throwing up dirt.
    Morning dew and dust, a day with team Baja , article

    Baja SAE members design, build, and race a single-seat off-road vehicle meant to handle all terrain. In this photo essay, student drivers push the machine to its limits and eat a fair amount of dirt along the way.

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    Frith First-year Makerspace.
    Frith turns 25 , article

    The Frith First-Year Makerspace is celebrating its 25th year at the university in a brand-new space on campus.


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