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Yao Fu

2022 Early Career Awards

Nine faculty members in the College of Engineering have received early career awards for the 2022 fiscal year.

This year’s rising stars have received recognition for their innovative contributions to research and education through the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Their research represents a range of departments and focal points from healthcare to manufacturing to environmental stewardship. Threaded through these diverse projects is the leadership of an inquisitive researcher with an eye to the future, always seeking out ways to improve the world that we live in for the people we share it with.

Some of the project goals include creating a new type of lower-body exoskeleton to augment walking, developing less invasive ultrasound treatments for patients with brain disease, and designing quicker and more reliable biosensors to detect viruses like COVID-19. Other researchers will explore technologies to facilitate autonomous metal manufacturing in remote environments like space and study how plastic particles dangerous to our health may be aerosolized by oceanic waves.

Read more about the trailblazing work spearheaded by Virginia Tech faculty members in the stories below.

2022 Winners

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