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Accessing the Machine Shop

Machine Shop Access Only! (per Section 2.2 - Ware Lab policy manual):

  • Complete all requirements for admission to the general area per Section 2.1. of the Ware Lab Policy Manual.
  • Obtain a minimum final grade of B+ in ISE 2214 Manufacturing Processes Laboratory.
  • Obtain a minimum score of 85/100 on the machine shop safety quiz posted on Canvas.
  • Complete all necessary EHS online training.
  • View the training videos prior to taking your machine shop quiz on the Ware Lab Machine Shop Canvas Site.
  • Complete all parts of the supervisor’s in-shop machine course. Each part takes about 1.5 hours to compete.


  • Ware Lab shop classes are offered ONLY DURING FALL SEMESTER!
  • In order to be placed on the schedule for machine shop training, you must provide the completed Ware Lab Machine Shop Training Request Form (available in the files/resources section on Canvas) to the supervisor.
  • Each team gets 4 to 5 slots, after that it’s first-come, first-serve
  • No-shows with be allowed a second chance only if there are excruciating circumstances for being absent.
  • If you cannot make it to a shop class inform the Ware Lab supervisor by email ( before class.
  • You must show your Ware Lab badge (current for that year) to the supervisor on the first day of class.
  • Once the machine shop class is completed, you will receive a signed certification card from the supervisor. You must have this card on your person anytime you are working in the machine shop.

When all items above are met, the supervisor will add your information to the database for swipe card access. Allow 24 hours for this process to be completed.  Inform your team leader and faculty advisor to keep them in the loop.

Contact the Ware Lab

320 Stanger Street, Mail Code 297, Military Building, 203, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Phone: 540-231-5837, The Ware Lab Tour Guides