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Orbital Launch Vehicle Team

We are a team of Virginia Tech students whose goal is simple: to put a rocket in space. 

olvt team in desert

What is OLVT?

We want to be able to place 5U (7kg) of CubeSat into Low Earth Orbit. Something like this has never been done before by an amateur organization and it will have huge implications for low-cost access to space. Colleges across the country could follow our lead and develop a method to put satellites and small experiments into space themselves.  This will give a serious boost to the space industry and give students who are, like us, extremely passionate about space an opportunity to gain hands-on experience on a project that is directly relevant to their future careers. It will also allow Virginia Tech to develop a ground-to-LEO launch service for other universities' projects, which will provide income for the Team to enable us to keep innovating.

olvt team watching rockets in desert
olvt rocket launch
olvt working on rocket

Who can join? 

OLVT is comprised of over 50 of the brightest and most driven students Virginia Tech has to offer! 


OLVT reached a height of 3.2 miles in 2017 in Kansas.

Fast Facts

Team size: About 50 members
Department Afiliation: Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

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