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Human Powered Sub

The Human Powered Sub competition combines aspects of both engineering and liberal arts disciplines. 

Human Powered Sub testing in a pool.

What is the Human Powered Sub team?

The Human Powered Submarine (HPS) Team's mission is to design, build, and race submarines that are propelled solely by human power. Each pilot dons scuba gear and powers the saturated sub with their legs.  Although such a project could be accomplished relatively simply, to do it well requires the integration of many aspects of both engineering and liberal arts disciplines. Building a functional boat and competing each year requires the teamwork of many students who understand hydrodynamics, electronics, composite materials, biomechanics, machining, and administration. Participation on the team gives students a practical application of engineering and allows them to see the design progress from concept, to plan, to functional boat, as well as experience the thrill of competition.

Engineering students working in a chemical engineering lab.
Kiran Bagalkotkar sitting on the tailgate of a driving simulation car.

Who can join? 

VT HPS accepts students of all technical disciplines and grade levels. Follow the instructions on our website to become our newest member, or come visit us at the basement of the Ware Lab!

Fast Facts

Team size: About 35 members
Department Afiliation: Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Workshop: Ware Lab

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