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The team's goal is to develop internationally competitive high-performance electric motorcycles for zero emissions, and all-electric races.

Human Powered Sub testing in a pool.

What is BOLT?

The BOLT team's objective is to take an existing motorcycle frame and suspension and design and build a completely electric powertrain inside. The BOLT team is dedicated to evolving electric vehicle technology through design, construction, and demonstration of a high performance electric motorcycle and as a competition based team strives for nothing but the best performance on the track. By challenging the standards of performance, the team expects to increase the visibility of clean emissions motorsports while proving the viability of the technology itself.

Engineering students working in a chemical engineering lab.
Kiran Bagalkotkar sitting on the tailgate of a driving simulation car.
Students working on the BOLT motorcycle team.

Who can join? 

We are an interdisciplinary design team for undergraduate engineering students at Virginia Tech.


The 2012 first generation BOLT went undefeated in class and won the North American Championship.  The 2014 second generation BOLT competed in an AHRMA eMotoRacing sprint race, placing first in the all-electric category. The 2017 third generation BOLT placed second in an AHRMA eMotoRacing event.

Fast Facts

Team size: About 37 members
Department Afiliation: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science
Workshop: Ware Lab

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