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Steel Bridge Design Team

The Steel Bridge Design Team consists of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) members who are tasked with building a steel bridge based on specific requirements.

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What is ASCE Steel Bridge?

The Steel Bridge Design Team consists of ASCE members who design and construct a scale-size bridge entirely from structural steel. The rules of the design and construction are provided by the National ASCE organization. These rules provide a fictitious problem statement under which the bridge must be built. The rules dictate the required size of the bridge, usually one-tenth actual size, as well as other parameters including member types and sizes, loading requirements, and clearances.

Each year, the Virginia Tech steel bridge design team competes in the regional competition with other schools in Virginia and West Virginia. The competition is based on bridge weight, construction time, stiffness, and aesthetics. The Regional winner goes on to compete in the national competition with schools from across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Who can join? 

Anyone who is a member of ASCE can be a part of the Steel Bridge Team.  ASCE membership applications can be found on the door of the ASCE office on the 3rd floor of Patton Hall or on our board on the 2nd floor. Place your completed application and $15 membership dues in the ASCE box in the student lounge on the 2nd floor or turn them in at the next ASCE meeting!

Recent Awards

In April 2017, the team competed in the Virginia’s Conference at Norfolk, VA taking second place overall.  At the National Competition in June 2017 the team placed 36th of 43 teams overall.

Fast Facts

Team size: About 35 members
Department Afiliation: Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Workshop: Ware Lab

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