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College of Engineering Centers

Research centers provide engineering faculty and students with collaborative partnerships, facilities, and resources to tackle pressing research problems.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Full Listing of College Research Centers

Below is a comprehensive listing of the College's established research centers.

Center/Laboratory Director/Contact
Advanced Manufacturing Team Chris Willliams
The Advanced Research in Information Assurance and Security (ARIAS) Lab Jung-Min Park
Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory Corina Sandu
Baker Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory Mark Widdowson and Clint Dancey
Center of Advanced Separation Technology Roe-Hoan Yoon
Center for Automotive Fuel Cell Systems Doug Nelson
Center for Bridge Engineering Carin Roberts-Wollman
Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications Patrick Schaumont
Center for Energy Systems Research Michael R. von Spakovsky
NEXTOR Center for Excellence in Aviation Operations Research Antonio Trani
Center for Geospatial Information Technology Peter Sforza (Blacksburg), Kathleen Hancock (Northern Virginia)
Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research George Filz
Center for High End Computing Systems Kirk Cameron
Center for High Performance Manufacturing Jaime Camelio
Center for Human Computer Interaction Doug Bowman
Center for Injury Biomechanics Warren Hardy
Center for Innovation in Construction Safety and Health Brian Kleiner
Center for Naval Systems Jon Greene
Center for Photonics Technology Anbo Wang
Center for Power Electronics Systems Dushan Boroyevich
Center for Power and Energy Virgilio Centeno
Center for Renewable Energy and Aerodynamic Technology (CREATe)
William Devenport
Center for Space Science and Engineering Research Wayne Scales
Center for Tire Research (CENTIRE) Saied Taheri
Center for Total Maximum Daily Load and Watershed Studies   Brian Benham
Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety Mehdi Ahmadian
Innovative Particulate Materials Laboratory Kathy Lu
Lab for Advanced Scientific Computing and Applications Layne Watson
Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute Tim Long
Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Center for Advanced Vehicles Rakesh Kapania
Multifunctional Integrated Circuits and Systems Group (MICS) Sanjay Raman
National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) Walter F. O’Brien Jr
Occupational Safety and Health Research Center Maury Nussbaum
Renewable Materials Research Group Justin Barone
Rolls-Royce University Technology Center Changmin Son
Rotor Dynamics Laboratory Gordon Kirk
SyNeRGY Lab Wu Feng
Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems Craig A. Woolsey
Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute Saifur Rahman
Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research Michael Karmis
Virginia Tech Engineering Communication Center Lisa D. McNair and Marie C. Paretti
Wireless @ Virginia Tech Michael Buerher