DyKnow Vision provides classroom tools to enhance interaction between instructor and students.

  • Better inking and and slide display control of PowerPoint slide decks
  • Electronic note-taking and playback
  • Lecture content sharing
  • Real-time feedback 
  • Polling

DyKnow 5.7 Vulnerability

Run simple script to fix!

Getting Started with DyKnow for Faculty and Students

dyknowstudent.pdf Dyknow Student Handbook

Information for Faculty Only

notebookwriterutility.pdf Use Notebook Writer to convert Non-PowerPoint material to DyKnow
NotebookWriter55_x86_1.exe Download DyKnow Notebook Writer (32-bit)
NotebookWriter55_x64.exe Download DyKnow Notebook Writer (64-bit)
howtoaddtas.pdf How to add your TAs and other moderators/participants to your classes
dyknowinstructor.pdf DyKnow Instructor's Guide


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