DyKnow Vision provides classroom tools to enhance interaction between instructor and students.

  • Better inking and and slide display control of PowerPoint slide decks
  • Electronic note-taking and playback
  • Lecture content sharing
  • Real-time feedback 
  • Polling

DyKnow 5.7 Vulnerability

Run simple script to fix!

Getting Started with DyKnow for Faculty and Students

* dyknowstudent.pdf
Dyknow Student Handbook

Information for Faculty Only

* notebookwriterutility.pdf
Use Notebook Writer to convert Non-PowerPoint material to DyKnow
* NotebookWriter55_x86_1.exe
Download DyKnow Notebook Writer (32-bit)
* NotebookWriter55_x64.exe
Download DyKnow Notebook Writer (64-bit)
* howtoaddtas.pdf
How to add your TAs and other moderators/participants to your classes
* dyknowinstructor.pdf
DyKnow Instructor's Guide


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