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Faculty Mentoring in Research

Faculty Mentoring in Research

Empowering students through improved mentoring experiences in research

A group selfie of faculty and graduate students.

The Virginia Tech College of Engineering is proud to be at the forefront of faculty mentoring in research programming. We are in a unique position of having the full support from the Dean and at every level throughout the college. A more typical scenario is a fragmented and minimally adopted program.  Virginia Tech is commited to the development of world-class researchers and educators. 

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies in the Dean’s Office is developing a faculty mentoring initiative to help our graduate students throughout each phase of their careers from the time they enter the degree program to when they graduate and begin their careers in research whether it be in academia or industry. Using a nationally recognized program developed by researchers and curriculum developers at Center for Improved Mentoring Experiences in Research (CIMER), we offer faculty a unique interactive approach to learning effective mentoring.