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Patrick Marlow

Headshot of Patrick Marlow
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

Patrick Marlow is from Fairfax, Virginia and is a junior in Computer Engineering with a GPA of 3.61. He says the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineer is getting access to exceptional staff and facilities. Also a bonus is that Virginia Tech engineers get a lot of recognition. When he was in middle school, he dreamed that he would become an astronaut or astronautical engineer. Now that he is at Virginia Tech, he wants to be a part of and contribute to the rise and advancement in machine learning technology. Patrick says that if he could change one thing, he would fix the socioeconomic situation in America, as it is in a dangerous state and fixing it would improve the standard of living for every citizen.

Patrick makes sure to be connected and involved with official/unofficial study groups, assist his peers the best he can, and attend office hours in order to stay involved with the College of Engineering. He also says that unfortunately many of his volunteering experiences have been suspended due to COVID but he wishes to continue as he volunteered in the past and wants to participate in the Big Event. In his freetime, he likes staying active and learning more about the world and universe.

Patrick says his role model is his mother because she was always determined and ambitious. She also taught him most of the things that allowed him to be where he is today. Patrick continued describing his family by mentioning he has a toy poodle named Fluffy and a part toy poodle part bichon frise named Panda. He also said that his favorite cartoon character is Patrick Star from SpongeBob because ever since he was young, people would associate his name with Patrick Star’s so it stuck. In addition, his favorite genre of music is RnB and Hip Hop and his favorite film is Interstellar.