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Friday, April 2nd

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    Abiola with scanning equipment
    Building the future in construction

    Explore the construction industry by learning about our curriculum, career opportunities for graduates, and innovations that are driving the future of the industry! Presented by Ashley Johnson

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    A photo of Mathieu Joerger
    Navigation Safety in Autonomous Systems

    Autonomous vehicles carry the promise of safe, fuel-efficient, and time-efficient mobility for all. These benefits are predicated on autonomous navigation systems achieving unprecedented levels of safety. This presentation describes the design, analysis and evaluation of new methods to quantify navigation and collision detection safety for autonomous vehicles. Presented by Dr. Mathieu Joerger


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    Headshot of Eric Paterson
    Aerospace & Ocean Engineering: Grand Challenges and Career Prospects

    The fields of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering made some of the most significant contributions to humankind in the 20th Century including invention of the airplane, spacecraft, nuclear submarine, and exploration of the solar system. The 21st Century is upon us, and bringing innovative ideas to market requires a flexible high-technology Virginia Tech engineering education more than ever. On-demand mobility (i.e., flying cars), autonomous vehicles of all types (ocean, space, atmospheric), and environmentally-responsible airplane and ships are just a few examples. Come to this presentation to learn about the AOE curriculum, job and career opportunities and some of the game-changing grand challenges that you are likely to see over the next 30 years of your career. Presented by Dr. Eric Paterson

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    Students working on projects in the frith lab
    Frith First-Year Engineering Design Laboratory

    The Frith Engineering Design Laboratory (Frith Lab) is a space designed to support the retention and development of young engineers through hands-on learning, peer mentoring, and authentic problem-solving. Part collaboration and innovation space, part fabrication and prototyping space, and part learning laboratory, the Frith Lab is integrated into the first-year foundations of engineering courses and enables General Engineering (GE) students to learn by dissecting, designing, making, and analyzing engineering products.


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    Students holding a rocket part of OLVT Team
    Advanced Engineering Design Lab (AEDL)

    The Advanced Engineering Design Lab is a joint venture between Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering and the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department. The facility houses 9 undergraduate design teams in the areas of rocketry, robotics, drone technology, aircraft technology, and turbine energy. AEDL teams travel to many parts of the United States to compete in world class engineering design events. The Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Department has been instrumental in spearheading the initiative that has made the AEDL a reality. The AOE department provides 100% funding for space rental expenses and equipment procurement. All college and university majors, in addition to AOE students, are encouraged to participate in the team activities taking place at the facility. Teams include: Mars Ice Challenge, Mars Madness, NASA Student Launch Initiative, Orbital Launch Vehicle Team, Rocketry@VT, RockSat-X, SEDs Rocketry, Wind Turbine Team, and 3D Printed Aircraft Team.

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    Students working in the The Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory
    Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Lab

    The Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory (UO Lab) is the capstone laboratory course taken by chemical engineering students. The lab contains a variety of pieces of equipment from bench-scale up to pilot-scale and gives students hands-on experience at planning experiments, operating equipment, analyzing data, and reporting on their results. Experiments include large-scale distillation, heat exchange, carbon dioxide absorption, fermentation, and polymer processing, among many others.

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    People on a roller coaster going straight down
    Working Model Theme Park Ride Design

    The Hokies Ride Engineering Team, a sub-branch of the VT Theme Park Engineering and Design club, is designing a 3D model ride that will function just like a real ride. It is held to very similar safety standards that real rides are held to, and will fully function on its own. This massive project is part of an Iowa State ride engineering competition, and involves so much thinking: how to make a 1/50th scale ride work, how to keep it as financially feasible as possible, and how to make it look amazing with theming and a storyline.


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    Galipatia Student Panel Banner
    Student Panel

    Come share your passion for engineering and Galipatia! In this event, we will be having guest speakers talk about and answer your questions about engineering at Virginia Tech, play fun kahoots that will test your knowledge about Virginia Tech’s engineering majors, and fun prizes to give away at the end of the presentation. Come join us for a fun and informative event!