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The Benefits of Using a Tablet

Note Taking

Using OneNote students can take searchable (in their own handwriting) notes on their tablets that are continually saved and backed up to the cloud. Using an active digital pen allows precise, scalable, accurate drawings and equations in addition to handwriting. No longer are students restricted to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper as OneNote allows students to "add space" to a piece of paper as needed.

Paperless Homework

In many classes (many of our Engineering Education courses) students are required to turn in their work digitally. Paper isn't accepted. Faculty grade work digitally and can easily return it digitally without the painful distribution of paper. A favorite tool for grading is PDF Annotator which is included in the Engineering Bundle. CANVAS, OneNote, and Google Classroom all offer tools that make going digital easier for both faculty and students. 

Active Learning

In some classes faculty engage and interact with students using their tablets. Student's work can be anonymously displayed in class on the board using products like DyKnow and Classroom Presenter.


Using active digital ink allows the students the freedom to make mistakes and encourages greater creativity. On a tablet pc erasing the last few strokes of the pen is as easy as hitting the "undo" button or using a digital eraser. If they change their mind the "redo" button brings back their erased pen strokes.


Using online shared whiteboards, students can work on shared problems. In class, DyKnow is used to work on group problems and solutions.


A keyboard is still available for tasks where it is faster to type than ink. The pen is clearly not the appropriate tool for all tasks.

Handwriting Recognition

Sometimes you may want to use handwriting but need to convert it to text. Microsoft has been working on handwriting recognition for many years and it is amazingly accurate.


Today, most Engineering text books are available in digital format. Using digital books can reduce the cost of purchasing course materials and greatly reduces the load in students backpacks.