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Scholarships for Current Students

More than $1.8 million was awarded to undergraduate students in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering last year. 

Clark Scholarship Recipients

Applying for Scholarships Available to Current Students

Applications are completed and submitted online; for current instructions please visit the application instructions

Applications for the College of Engineering's scholarships (for returning undergraduates in the college) are available each year after fall semester. 

The Engineering Opportunities Facebook page is available to engineering students in order to receive information on scholarships available outside the College of Engineering, internships, cooperative education, full time jobs, and other academic and professional development opportunities.

To stay informed on Facebook go to Engineering Opportunities – Virginia Tech and like the page.

Partial Listing of Scholarships Offered to Engineering Students

The Davenport  scholarship program is offered to incoming freshman.  These scholarships provide financial assistance for up to four years.  The Davenport Scholars are selected based on academic potential, community service, and leadership potential. Click here for more information on incoming freshmen scholarships.

In addition to scholarships awarded by the College, departments administer their own scholarship programs. The following are some of the major upperclass scholarships awarded by the College through the departments. The amounts of the scholarships vary.

Name Typical Number offered
American Infrastructure 3
Andres Valeiras Memorial 3
Bechtel 5
Benjamin F. Bock 4
Bruce H. and Dorothy R. Pauly 5
Byron M. and Helen S. Brumback 28
Carl O. Sundberg Engineering 3
Charles C. Walts 11
Charles W. and Mildred W. Carter 2
Clark Nexsen Engineering 2
College of Engineering 4
David B. Osborne 4
David R. Hale 3
David Wright Foundation 2
E.R. English 5
E. W. Allen Memorial 3
Eleanor Davenport Leadership 11
Ellen C. Wheeler 3
Frederick C. Grant 7
Gilbert L. and Lucille C. Seay 69
Gordon W. Jones 3
Heterick Scholarship 1
Hilda Valeiras Memorial 3
James K. Anderson 5
Jerry H. Ballangee 4
Jerry S. Chaney 2
John A. and Sonia Redding 2
John B. Greiner Engineering 4
Kimberly Clark 3
M. B. Massie and V. D. Elder Engineering 2
Nelson-Lehmann-Gold Family in Engineering 3
Peter and Phyllis Pruden 14
Pratt Engineering 54
Ralph William Hodges Memorial 7
Ray W. Koontz, Jr. 4
Sam and Janie Bowling 2
Sidney C. Smith Engineering Merit 2
Stuart and Mary Shumate Engineering 5
Thomas L. Leivesley, Jr. 10
W. Thomas and Barbara Robertson 12
Walter G. Adams 2
William C. McAllister 8

For additional information on engineering academic scholarships, contact:

College of Engineering (0217)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: (540) 231-3244