Collier, Allison

Allison Collier, a computer science major, has been involved with CEED from the beginning of her academic career as a freshman participant in the Hypatia Living Learning Community, then as a communications committee member her sophomore year. She currently serves as a member of the InVenTs Leadership Team. CEED was not unfamiliar to her when she arrived at VT, having participated in C-Tech2 summer camp during high school. She revisited C-Tech2 as a resident assistant and program assistant, and this past summer she was the keynote speaker at the etiquette dinner. She also attended the five-week Student Transition Engineering Program (STEP) the summer before her freshman year.

Allison’s busy extra-curricular agenda includes much more than CEED programs.  She was chosen to be a CS Ambassador for the computer science department and is a member of Disciples on Campus. Allison also co-lead the AspireIT camp GotIT? in the spring of 2014. 

Certainly not limited to accomplishments and endeavors at VT, Allison is a 2013 National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT) award winner as well as a 2013 Virginia/DC regional winner. While still in high school, she and ten other young women attended the White House Tech Inclusion Summit to share their experiences as young women in technology and to take part in the conversation on how diversity can impact computing. Two summers ago, she presented a FlashTalk at the NCWIT Summit in Tucson, Arizona and gave a college admissions presentation at the national Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) conference in Washington, DC.  In 2014, Allison attended the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing in Minneapolis, Qualcomm’s Women’s Collegiate Conference (QWCC) in San Diego, and Square Code Camp in San Francisco. This year she was selected as an Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Celebration Scholar, and spoke at Eastman Chemical Company's Sit With Me Event.

She currently works for Excella Consulting’s Extension Center at Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center as well as mentoring for the Student Success Center and tutoring for CodeHS.  As for her future, Allison says, “I hope to work in the technical side of film and animation, but while I am a student, I would like to expand my knowledge in different areas of computing.”