Hypatia/Galileo Mentoring

Group of Hypatia Mentors.

As members of the Galileo and Hypatia communities, freshmen are automatically placed on a small mentoring team, consisting of 6-7 other first-year students and an upper-class mentor. The mentors have been through the Hypatia and Galileo program as freshmen and are trained to help first-year students adjust to life as a college student.  The mentoring program gives freshmen the support to get through the first few months in college.  Every mentor has been in the same situation as the recently arrived first-year students.

Group of Galileo Mentors.

Mentor teams meet once a week for the first 10 weeks of fall semester, participating in activities such as:

  • Exploring campus together before classes begin, familiarizing first-year students with the area
  • Attending campus events together
  • Dining off-campus, compliments of the CEED office
  • Discussing topics such as the course request process for spring semester,  creating relationships with faculty and why it’s important, study habits, involvement in clubs and student organizations, preparing for career fairs, time management, and MUCH more

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