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The Science and Psychology of Living a Rich Life

Monday, April 15, 2024

What does it mean to live a satisfying and rich life? This question has been debated and written about by philosophers, thinkers and novelists throughout history. In this talk I will explore some of the recent thinking in economics and psychology regarding this topic and discuss recent conceptualizations of the good life including the research on psychological richness.

Dr. Aimee Surprenant

Dean of Graduate School
Professor of Psychology

Virginia Tech

Aimee Surprenant is Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech. She received a BA from NYU and a master’s and PhD from Yale University in Cognitive Psychology. In her role as Dean she leads a program portfolio of more than 170 graduate degree programs for over 7,000 graduate. She partners with various units to advance policies and curricula to promote continuing improvement of and innovation in graduate programs. She works to support a place where students are encouraged to thrive, not just survive. She also strongly supports the university’s inclusion and diversity aspirations and their Principles of Community.