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Wednesday, March 31st

Banner has Hokie Bird to the left followed by the words, Virginia Tech Engineering open House 2021


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    Headshot of Robin Queen
    Engineering Orthopaedics

    I will discuss the ideas of how we use engineering to advance our understanding of human biomechanics. We will focus on how we use state of the art technology to assess injury risk, design data informed rehabilitation programs as well as develop novel technologies for clinical translation. I will discuss the interdisciplinary nature of our work, the role that undergraduates and graduate students play in our work and the integration of our lab with senior design. Presented by Dr. Robin Queen

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    Photo of Rob Emmett
    Global Engineering opportunities at Virginia Tech

    We will present a snapshot of opportunities for students to study, research, and intern abroad in the College of Engineering (when we're not in a pandemic). Presented by Dr. Rob Emmett

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    Headshot of Heng Xiao
    Ocean Engineering

    I will present the major Ocean Engineering. It consists of the following: (1) what is OE; (2) subjects/courses of OE; (3) extracurricular activities;(4) job opportunities of OE in naval architecture, oil&gas, renewable energy etc. Presented by Dr. Heng Xiao


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    Photo of Aaron Noble
    iPhones, Electric Vehicles, and Renewable Energy -- the Critical Role of Mining Engineering in Modern Society

    Modern society is facing increased demand for small electronic devices, light weight metals, and high-performance batteries. All of these essential devices require extremely specialized raw materials that are difficult and expensive to mine and extract. The Mining and Minerals Engineering Department at Virginia Tech is world renowned for its teaching and research in critical materials production and separations. This presentation will describe some of this cutting-edge research and explain how new undergraduates can get involved through undergraduate research and internships. Presented by Dr. Aaron Noble

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    Mechanical Engineering Banner
    Mechanical Engineering Info Session

    Information (curriculum, senior design, internship/co-op opportunities, student organizations) about the ME dept. Presented by Sarah Deisher, Dr. Clint Dancey, Robin Ott

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    SMART Lab Presentation Photo
    Smart Manufacturing Analytics Research & Technology (SMART) Lab

    SMART stands for smart manufacturing analytics research and technology. We conducting research related to sensing and analytics for smart manufacturing in this lab. We also perform data mining and machine learning for manufacturing and service application. In this lab, we have multiple 3D printers, some of them have advanced capabilities, for example, bio-printing and metal-printing. For the sensing equipment, we have multiple 3D scanners, Digital Image Correlation(DIC), multiple thermal cameras, and other popular sensors such as vibration sensors. For industrial-grade machines, we have a Kawasaki robot arm and a CNC machine. Besides all these, we have a 4 graphic card data mining server and multiple workstations for data processing.


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    Granata Lab Logo
    Kevin P. Granata Biomechanics Lab

    The Kevin P. Granata Biomechanics lab, directed by Robin Queen, is dedicated to preventing injuries, determining optimal rehabilitation strategies, and assessing readiness to return to activity for those impacted by injury or joint pain. In the spirit of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) we strive to positively impact the lives of individuals across the lifespan from adolescents to older adults by restoring movement and loading symmetry and preserving long-term joint health through mechanical and therapeutic interventions.

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    CEED students working in the InVents Lab.
    inVenTs Studio Project - Hands on Project

    The inVenTs Studio on the 2nd floor of Hoge Hall provides a hands on maker space for students in Hypatia and Galileo interested in exploring their ability to envision, create and transform innovative ideas into action. inVenTs Studio Staff will be going over a hands-on project that you can make at home with a few, easy-to-find materials. It is optional to make the project during the presentation, feel free to just watch as well or try out the project later!


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    Biological Systems Engineering
    Biological Systems Engineering

    BSE's faculty and students work in a broad range of biological systems, from natural systems, such as watersheds with a focus on water resources, to build systems, such as bioreactors and bioprocessing facilities. We work from the nanoscale to the macroscale. We seek to improve animal, human, and environmental health through development and design of healthy food products, vaccines, bioenergy, biomaterials, and water quality management practices. Presented by Priscilla Baker, Madelyn Weaverling, & Kirin Anand

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    APPL Building
    Advanced Propulsion and Power Laboratory

    The Advanced Propulsion and Power Laboratory (APPL) is one of the nation’s premier sites for research in propulsion and gas turbine power applications. The laboratory hosts facilities with several specialized rigs developed for advanced experimentation and testing. The capabilities at APPL have been continuously developed for more than 50 years with the intent to provide cutting-edge research experiences for students seeking careers in support of propulsion and power technologies. Students trained there are represented in government laboratories of national prominence, major companies in the propulsion industry, and academia. The skills developed by these students are in high demand due to the objective-driven experimental experience gained with the rigs and engines capable of simulating relevant operating environments.

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    A view of half of the lab
    Civil Engineering Materials Lab

    This tour will showcase the CEE Materials lab. Participants will be able to see instrumentation used in undergraduate coursework. A birds eye view will be presented on the types of testing that occurs in the lab with explanations from students and faculty. Civil engineering materials include concrete, steel, metals, polymers and wood.


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    Photo of Eli Tilevich
    Teaching the Culture of Quality from the Ground Up: Novice-Tailored Quality Improvement for Scratch Programmers

    Across all engineering disciplines, software remains one of the most defect-prone artifacts. Hence, much of software engineering research and practice is concerned with improving software quality. While enormous prior efforts have focused on improving the quality of programs, this talk will describe our research that focuses on providing the means to educate the next generation of programmers who care deeply about software quality. If they embrace the culture of quality, these programmers would be positioned to drastically improve the quality of the software ecosystem, akin to professionals in traditional engineering disciplines. Presented by Dr. Eli Tilevich

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    Photo of Nino Ripepi
    High-Tech Mining Engineering: Automation, Drones and Data Analytics

    Mining Engineering has developed into a high-tech industry focused on automation and data analytics to supply the world with resources used by people in their every day lives. The presentation will focus on automation and the use of drones in mine environments for safety and engineering applications. Presented by Dr. Nino Ripepi

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    student working with robot arm
    Robots that Learn from Humans

    Robots have the potential to help people in their everyday lives. In this talk I will focus on how robots can learn from the humans around them. Topics include robot learning, human-robot interaction, and game theory. Presented by Dylan Losey