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Tuesday, March 30th

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    Headshot of Jaime De la Ree
    Electrical and Computer Engineering Information Session

    The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is the Third largest ECE Department in the United States. This allows us to offer specialized majors in twelve different areas to prepare graduates for a vast array of career choices. In this session, we will discuss the major options available to students and their importance to industry and future research. Presented by Scott Dunning, Dr. Jaime De la Ree, and Mary Brewer

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    Photo in the Vlaisvljevich Lab
    Vlaisavljevich Research Lab

    Therapeutic Ultrasound and Non-Invasive Therapies Laboratory Virginia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics The overarching goal of our laboratory is to investigate the physical mechanisms with which ultrasound interacts with tissue in order to develop non-invasive therapies for specific clinical applications. This work is separated into five primary research areas including Non-invasive Tissue Ablation, Acoustically-active Biomaterials, Ultrasonic Neuromodulation, Ultrasound-guided in situ Tissue Regeneration, and Biomedical Technologies for Conservation Applications.

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    Harris Lab Photo
    Harris Manufacturing Processes Laboratories

    The Harris Manufacturing Processes Laboratories consist of a collection of individual labs, equipment, and support facilities for both instruction and research in manufacturing processes and metrology. Over 650 undergraduate students from three engineering departments participate in hands-on laboratory instruction in this 5100-square-foot facility each year. A separate research machine shop provides in-house fabrication of fixtures and other devices in support of departmental research activities.


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    Headshot of Mark Widdowson
    Civil & Environmental Engineering

    This presentation will describe the civil engineering profession and discuss undergraduate education in the Via Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. Presented by Dr. Mark Widdowson & Kara Lattimer

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    Students working in an ECE lab
    ECE General Lab Tour

    ECE General Lab Tour

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    Mining Engineering Student working on a computer in a mine
    Looking for something different? Mining engineering is: hands on, global and high tech

    Ever wondered where all of your stuff comes from? From renewable energy, to our buildings in cities and towns, and the grids connecting us all - mineral resources are critical to just about everything we do. Come learn more about the hands on, global and high tech field of mining engineering. Presented by Dr. Emily Sarver


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    Headshot of Kim Lester
    Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity Pre-College Programs

    The session will present information on pre-college summer and academic year STEM programs. The focus will be on those offered by the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity, but will include events/programs from across the university. Presented by Dr. Kim Lester

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    Photo of Carl Dietrich
    Radios, robots, video games, and antennas

    The presentation describes some ways that radios, robots, video games, and antennas are related to one another, and to projects that you can join as a Virginia Tech Engineering student! Presented by Dr. Carl Dietrich


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    Image with the letters "M" "S" "E" for Materials Science and Engineering
    What is Materials Science and Engineering and what we do

    This will be an over view of what is Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). What is MSE, what we study and what we do. Please attend to learn more how MSE is the center of all engineering. Presented by Michelle Czamanske

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    Researchers looking at a big touch screen below them
    Sanghani Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

    Brings together computer scientists, engineers, and statisticians to meet the research and workforce needs of today’s data-driven society.

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    ISE Logo
    Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

    The Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is a top-ranked program, offering a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (BSISE). Career opportunities for ISEs have never been better, and our graduates work for manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, hospitals, airlines, railroads, banks, amusement parks, management consulting, military, and federal government organizations. One of the primary aims of the ISE is to create value for organizations by improving performance of integrated systems, for example, improving quality, productivity, costs, efficiency, worker safety, and/or customer satisfaction. The depth and breadth of the BSISE curriculum at Virginia Tech prepares our graduates to contribute to any organization in any industry. Presented by Maggie Johnson, Dr. Eileen Van Aken, and Paula Van Curen


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    Image with the letters "M" "S" "E" for Materials Science and Engineering
    Materials Science and Engineering Lab Tour with Demonstrations

    Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) is an interdisciplinary field of materials science based around the design and discovery of new materials. MSE is involved in the research, design, and development of materials to advance technology and products. One of the most hands on engineering disciplines, MSE students are in the lab every semester. During this tour, the MSE Student Ambassadors will provide a view of the labs, demonstrations, and experiments. After the tour, the MSE Student Ambassadors will be on hand to answer your questions.

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    Headshot of Gary Whiting
    Chemical Engineering Academic & Career Opportunities

    An overview of the Chemical Engineering curriculum and experiential learning opportunities at Virginia Tech from the viewpoint of ultimate career destinations in Chemical Engineering. Presented by Dr. Gary Whiting

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    DREAMS Lab Group Photo
    DREAMS (Design, Research, and Education for Additive Manufacturing Systems) Lab

    The DREAMS lab is a research lab focused on additive manufacturing (e.g., 3D printing) technologies. The lab consists of an interdisciplinary set of undergraduate and graduate researchers from a variety of majors and backgrounds, including mechanical engineering, materials science, and chemistry. We often work on multi-disciplinary projects involving new materials, designing for additive manufacturing, and developing new additive manufacturing processes. Some of our recent projects have integrated additive manufacturing with cybersecurity, pharmaceuticals, industrial robotics, and biomedical applications. From programming to printing to materials testing, there's always something interesting going on in the DREAMS lab!