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Aerospace & Ocean Engineering: Grand Challenges and Career Prospects

Friday, April 2nd at 4:00pm

Headshot of Eric Paterson

Dr. Eric Paterson

Department Head

Aerospace & Ocean Engineering

The fields of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering made some of the most significant contributions to humankind in the 20th Century including invention of the airplane, spacecraft, nuclear submarine, and exploration of the solar system. The 21st Century is upon us, and bringing innovative ideas to market requires a flexible high-technology Virginia Tech engineering education more than ever. On-demand mobility (i.e., flying cars), autonomous vehicles of all types (ocean, space, atmospheric), and environmentally-responsible airplane and ships are just a few examples. Come to this presentation to learn about the AOE curriculum, job and career opportunities and some of the game-changing grand challenges that you are likely to see over the next 30 years of your career.