The Dual Degree Program is a program that allows a student to receive two degrees from two institutions. It allows students to get the best of both worlds. First, the student would start their education at one of the colleges or universities listed below. This provides the student with the opportunity to study basic engineering courses at a small, yet high-quality institution. The student would then transfer to Virginia Tech to finish their education. This program lasts approximately five years after which the student would receive a BS degree in engineering from Virginia Tech and a BA or BS from the other college or university.

What are the advantages?

  • Students would be able to enjoy the benefits of both schools.
  • They would start out at a smaller institution, smaller classes.
  • They would receive two degrees instead of one.
  • They would be able to sample engineering before committing completely to the program.
  • They would enjoy program flexibility to make important curricular and career opportunities.
  • They would be able to attend the one of the finest engineering schools in the United States.

Which Colleges or Universities are participating in this program?

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