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Engineering Success Program

The Undergraduate Engineering Success program within the College of Engineering is designed to help undergraduates engineering students achieve success in engineering through the support of peer coaches and teaching assistants. Our Engineering Success Assistants, through this program, serve as Engineering Success Coaches or Engineering Success Teaching Assistants. 

Engineering Success Coaches Program

The Undergraduate Engineering Success Coaches program (ESC), within the College of Engineering Advising Unit, offers peer coaching for first year general engineering students. Engineering Success Coaches are upper level engineering students who are trained to coach first-year engineering students on skills such as time management, learning strategies, organizing and note-taking skills, navigating how to seek help, and other skills to improve academic performance. Coaches may also provide tutoring when appropriate. 

Engineering Success Teaching Assistant Program

The Undergraduate Engineering Success Teaching Assistants (ESTA) program, within the College of Engineering, serve as assistants to the instructor of record for one or more undergraduate courses in an engineering department. UTA provide instructional support, such as:

  • Provide individual and group tutoring¬†
  • Provide online and in-person office hours
  • Manage live class sessions
  • Provide Canvas course design and support
  • Manage student groups/teams
  • Manage live discussions on Canvas/Piazza/In-person class sessions
  • Foster inclusion/student engagement
  • Provide instructional support for students with disabilities
  • Identify warning signs that a student needs referral to SSD