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Study Skills

Seminar Series on Academic Success

Offered through the Student Success Center, this series provides in-person and virtual seminars for students on the following topics:

  • effective learning strategies
  • success in virtual courses
  • procrastination
  • reading and note-taking
  • test-taking skills
  • time management

Study Skills Information

Provided through the Cook Counseling Center, these resources provide a number of study skills, tips, and techniques that will promote various aspects of your overall learning and study skills. The resources include:

  • create a study plan
  • study smart before exams
  • take effective notes
  • manage your stress
  • test-taking strategies
  • assignment calculator

Study Skills Workshops

Offered through the Cook Counseling Center, these workshops provide in-depth information on different topics that will improve several crucial aspects of academic strategy and knowledge on the following topics:

Success Skills Virtual Workshop

Offered through the Department of Engineering Education, these on-demand workshops on Canvas are designed primarily for General Engineering students and cover the following topics: 

  • time management
  • reading and note-taking
  • practice problems
  • study spaces and tasks lists
  • campus resources

UNIV 1004: College Success Strategies

Offered through the Student Success Center, this 3-credit (A-F) is for students with an overall VT GPA of 2.5 or below and includes the following topics. 

  • creating goals to achieve academic and personal success
  • learning effective strategies for time management, reading, note-taking, and test-taking
  • interacting with faculty and advisors
  • working in teams

UNIV 2114: Unleash Your Hokie Potential

Offered through the First-year Experience office, this 1-credit (A-F) is for new transfer students and includes the following topics. 

  • strategic thinking
  • academic/success skills
  • self and career exploration
  • development of personal life plans
  • teamwork
  • VT campus resources