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Self-Evaluate Transfer Credits

Use the resources below to understand how prior credits may transfer to Virginia Tech and how those credits may count toward your graduation requirements

Equivalency Charts, Guides, and Databases

Exam Equivalencies
The University Registrar's office provides equivalencies for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), etc.

Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Transfer Guide
Use the VCCS Equivalency Guides for the year the course was taken to determine the Virginia Tech equivalent courses. Students intending to transfer credit for ENGE 1215, ENGE 1216, PHYS 2305, PHYS 2306, or any ECE course should review the following documents:

Institutional Transfer Equivalency Database
Use the Transfer Equivalency Database to determine equivalencies from other institutions. This database reflects courses previously evaluated for transfer credit. You will select Country, then State, then College. You can then search by the subject of the course at the transfer institution or by the subject of the VT course.

Courses Not Found In The Transfer Equivalency Database
The Engineering Academic Affairs Office will review the unofficial transcripts you provide on the Engineering Pre-Orientation Form (available in May for summer/fall admits and December for winter/spring admits) and will work with each of our departments on your behalf to have the courses evaluated. This process allows us to ensure everything is done systematically. In some cases a syllabus will be needed; you will be contacted if this is necessary. Once evaluations are complete, the Engineering Academic Affairs Office will communicate your equivalencies with you via your VT email and your academic advisor to assist with course registration.

Graduation Requirements (Checksheets)

All majors are composed of the following components: degree core, major requirements, pathways to general education, and electives. You can view each major’s requirements using the checksheets on the University Registrar's website. Graduation requirements for new students will be available in July.

Determine If a Course Fulfills a Pathways Requirement

On the self-evaluation template, complete the Pathways column for each equivalent course. To determine if a course is a Pathways course, use the Pathways Guide (Alphabetical) for your entering year, and search for the VT course equivalent. If the course is not approved as a Pathways, it will not be in the Pathways Guide. If it is approved as a Pathways, you will see the approved Pathways in the “Concept” column. If a course is approved for more than one Pathways, you will see an AND/OR statement. If a course is approved for two concepts (i.e., 2 OR 3), it can only count for one or the other. The exception is for courses that are approved for Concept 7 and any other Concept (i.e., 2 AND 7) in which case the course will 'double count' for both concepts.

Send Your AB, IB, and Cambridge Scores

All score reports should be sent to the Office of University Registrar using the Virginia Tech school code 5859. Scores must come from the testing agency; Virginia Tech will not accept transcripts from other institutions to award credit for these exams. 

Send Your Official Transcripts

Official transcripts from high school, prior colleges, and universities should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions through electronic transfer (i.e., Parchment) or through mail to the below address. If you took dual enrollment classes while in high school, you must send your transcript from the college or university that the courses were taken through, your high school transcript cannot be used to award transfer credit at VT. If you took courses at multiple colleges or universities, you must send copies of the transcripts from each institution for credit to be awarded, do not assume credit awarded at one institution will transfer as the same transferrable credit to VT. A grade of “C” or better must be earned to be considered for transfer.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Virginia Tech
925 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Verify Your Processed Scores and Transcripts

You can verify when Virginia Tech has processed your college transcripts/score reports on Hokie Spa. Go to Hokie Spa > Hokie Spa > Grades Menu > Transfer and Other Additional Credits. Please be patient as this process can take some time.