This type of trip is handled by the VT Engage Office.

It is important to contact Eliza Wethey, Associate Director of Global Engagement in VT Engage before proceeding with further travel requirements so that the trip can be set up in their system.


This is the spreadsheet that must be filled out for any travel that involves a  student. There are 3 tabs that correspond to different types of trips: " Faculty Led Group   for Credit", "Group Travel Non Credit", and "Individual  Student Abroad".

This is the travel insurance that all travelers must be covered by while traveling abroad with university programs or business.   

"The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and  nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate." Non-US citizens should check with their embassies about possible similar programs.

A card each traveler will receive that has appropriate emergency contact information for their trip and destination. The Global Education Office will provide the cards based on information given to them by the faculty-leader. The guidelines are on the HSGTA. Note: The primary contact on the Emergency Contact card can be whomever the faculty leader chooses.

Initial Considerations:

1. Are the passports for all travelers valid for 6 months from the date of return?
2. Is a visa required for US travelers? Is a visa required for international student travelers?
3. Are any immunizations needed for travel? If so, how far in advance?
4. Check Banner to make sure faculty emergency contact information is updated. If you are traveling with a faculty spouse, do you have a third emergency contact listed?

Travel Requirement Procedures

Step 1: Faculty Leader completes and follows the guidance of the HSGTA. One HSGTA is completed for the group.   Instructions and access to forms

Deadlines: For conferences, the HSGTA should be completed and submitted three (3) months prior to travel. For all other non-credit group trips the HSGTA should be completed and submitted six (6) months prior to travel.

Step 2: Using the link above, students and faculty leaders turn in required co-curricular international program forms. Faculty required forms will be: final participant list, complete flight itinerary, final program itinerary, program leaders' overseas cell phone number, STEP enrollment for all participants.

Email completed spreadsheet to Christine Wasil (540 399-5508) at CISI and send confirmation to Eliza.

Student required forms will be the voluntary health disclosure form (collected in paper form and kept by faculty leader), Liability agreement, financial agreement (if applicable), color copy of passport, and US visa page for non-US citizens

Step 3: Using the link above, each traveler purchases the required CISI travel medical insurance and sends confirmation to Eliza Wethey.

Note: If the program is buying CISI for participating students, fill out this form.

Email completed spreadsheet to Christine Wasil in CISI () and send confirmation to Eliza.

If any dependents are traveling, email Eliza Wethey

Step 4: Submit information for Emergency Contact cards 60 prior to departure