At the University of Nottingham

Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group

  • Jon Clare, Head of Power Electronics, Machines and Control, Faculty of Engineering
  • Pat Wheeler, Director of the Institute for Aerospace Technology and Professor of Power Electronic Systems, Faculty of Engineering
  • Pericle Zanchetta, Professor in Control Engineering and Power Electronics, Faculty of Engineering

Human Factors Research Group

  • Gary Burnett, Associate Professor in Human Factors, Faculty of Engineering

University Technology Center in Manufacturing Technology

  • Herve Morvan, Director, Institute for Aerospace Technology, Professor in Applied Fluid Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering

Geoenergy Research Centre

  • Matthew Hall, Associate Professor in Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and Director of the Geoenergy Research Centre


At Virginia Tech

Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics  

            David Dillard, Adhesive and Sealant Science Professor

Chemical Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Rolando Burgos, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dushan Boroyevich, American Electric Power Professor and Director of Center for Power and Electronics Systems

Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Joe Gabbard, Associate Professor, Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

  • David Clark, Professor of Material Science and Department Head

Mechanical Engineering

  • Srinith Ekkad, Rolls-Royce Commonwealth Professor for Aerospace Propulsion Systems in the College of Engineering, Associate Vice President for Research

Dept. of Mining and Minerals Engineering

  • Erik Westman, Professor, Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering
  • Nino Ripepi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering