Hosting International Visitors to VT

Steps for Hosting an International Delegation

  1. All visitors to the VT campus must be cleared through the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance  (OESRC). To begin the process, hosting faculty should complete the Non-Immigration Export Compliance Questionnaire and submit it along with the CVs of the visitors to the OESRC.

2.  If the international visitor needs an invitation letter as a requirement of their university or to secure a U.S. visa, a template of the invitation letter can be completed and sent to Belinda Pauley,, in ISS (International Support Services). This can only be done AFTER the OESRC has completed their review. Invitation letters can only be issued by ISS.

3. At times a visit from another university includes the president or provost of that university or involves one or more department or college at VT. In these cases, the Proposal to Host an International Delegation must be filled out.

Hosting Visiting International Students (J1 visa holders)

Please view the ISS J1 informational webage for detailed information. For an overview please see the quickview timeline.